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Land on which to work gardener, very different. And how to deal with them, there is no single recipe. So, we must try, to experiment.
Vegetable garden I started in 1985. What is it, I knew little. First, listen to the advice truckers with the experience, then bought books and studied every winter on them.
I began to plot 16 acres, soil-loam. But the grass around a lot: mow, zaley water, extracts about you and manure. All grew remarkably, but in 1998 had to move from this area in the dacha cooperative.
And everything is good: 5 acres of land, after the previous 16 almost resort. But ... the earth one sand. In the first year of manure bought a car, put a thick layer on the ridge. In the spring of digging up the ridge, all planted and waiting for the harvest. And it is not.That is a decent crop not. How Come? Yes, everything is good with the rain and the snow is gone in the sand! I began to think how to get out of the situation. Deliver earthcan not afford.
I want to express my opinion on the widely discussed method of Dr. John. Mitlaydera.
Narrow ridges and wide aisles is good. And everyone is doing as it sees it convenient: some 50 cm, some 80 cm, and someone-1 m. The differences are about application of mineral fertilizers in large quantities. I fully support those who speak out against the application of mineral fertilizers (mixtures). Chemistry and around us so much, and why else from my garden vegetables such use?

Let us turn to nature, which does not interfere with man-does not break the branches are not satisfied with landfills, not fueling fires. Forest, edge, meadow ... Circle grows thick grass to the waist, beautifully blooming flowers, trees and shrubs, berries ripen. But there nobody kilograms fertilizers are not pulled, not scattered. What is happening?

If you want to quickly close the ugly holes in the flowerbeds or find alternative requires too much trouble lawn, there is nothing better than a ground cover plants that delaying solid ground leafy carpet. Some types under appropriate conditions set such a pace that form dense cover in 2 years. And it's not just their decorative value: on problem areas such as steep slopes and slopes ground cover plants fix their roots soil. They also inhibit the growth of weeds and retain moisture in the soil, such as by evaporation of the coating is smaller than the open surface. Humid microclimate favorable for many tiny soil organisms, which loosen the ground and promotes the decomposition of fallen leaves.

In addition to the rapid growth of many pochvokrovnye have other advantages. So sugar Pulmonaria ( Pulmonaria  saccharata ) and Zelenchuk ordinary ( Lamiastrum  galeobdolon) differ colorful patterned leaves, Alchemilla mollis ( Alchemilla  mollis ), geranium Endrisa ( Geranium  endressii ) and Fassa catnip ( Nepeta  faasenii ) and thyme (Thymus ) delight with its aroma. Some species have evergreen foliage.